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Amir vs Papa…

on 07/26/2010

We’ve installed streamyx in our home few months back…initial intention was solely for adult usage ie: fbing, finishing our work/study…but things changed dramatically when Amir discovered the WORLDWIDE WEB (www)…somehow he’s able to click the internet explorer or mozilla firefox and surf the net (with no guidance)

About a month ago, we overheard he called his uncle evil…we thought that he had heard from TV…but soon, we discovered that Amir had picked up from youtube.com…we were shocked (practically had our jaws open in surprise when we saw he typed on his computer…BARNEY KILLS ELMO!!!)  There was a short video clip with the purple dinosaur named Barney and music was a nursery rhymes sang by Barney and at the end of the clip was a heavy metal song said kill…kill…kill and appeared Elmo bleeding…Amir’s reaction in seeing this video was giggling…laughing out loud and he repeats every word he heard from the video…I was heartbroken…Then hubby (Papa) took matters into hand with installing the parental control for websites…via words or the website address itself…

We thought that the problem was in control…he no longer watched “Barney Kills Elmo”…thank God…but still call his uncle, Evil! (have yet to discover the similarity but will have that mystery solved soon)…Amir has turned his favorite video in to Stickman Scam…the video is on stickman figurine and at first I thought it was ok for Amir to view but later found out that it contains violent elements as well as Barney (as the stick figure fell from a building, fights with each other, etc)

Again, Papa tried to block the site…but he said he could only reversed words, ie: if Amir types Barney Kills it will appear as Amir Good Boy…it saddened me tremendously…then Papa said he has hide all the quick menu on the web browser so Amir will not able to access by typing any address and Papa has bookmark all the site that is kids friendly…

But to our amazement, over the weekend, Amir manage to access to the site that has Stickman videos…was able to browse videos on youtube…the only way for us to ensure that Amir was unable to access sites that is improper for his age is to sit by his side (which Amir dislike) or always listens to sites he opens or peep at his computer while he’s typing anything on the browser…

It’s a big task for both of us as parents but we have to do it!!! It’s our responsibilities…We know there are a lot more sites that parents are trying to block out from their children…Amir has tapped just the tip of the iceberg of the worldwide web…we always have to be on our toes whenever Amir is at home, when the streamyx is on…

I’ve also realized that Amir knows which websites are allowed whenever we (Papa & Mama) are around. Because I noticed that every time I was at the top of the stairs and was able to see his computer,  Amir will turn his head while his finger holding the mousing point the cursor to pause or close the video his watching and tells me to go downstairs…heheheh…clever Amir!!!…still this matter worries me as I feel that I’m unable to control what he sees on his computer…


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