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Morning with Amir…

on 07/28/2010

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Lately, morning to schools for Amir has been a bit stressful…This morning he banged his head on the wall, nonstop…he screams on top of his voice…when asked what he wants, he refused to say anything but continues hitting his head on the wall…I am so stressed out and most of the moment when in this situation I just said to myself that I don’t want to go to work…

Not sure on what is the best way on controlling his behaviour every morning to school…tried all kinds of method…cradle him, hug him…kiss him…not to raise voice to him or anybody in the house…he’s response just worsen…as if he doesn’t want to go to school…he doesn’t like school?? if asked his teachers, the same response will be heard…Amir do not give corporation with teachers and students in school…he likes to do his own work at his own time…but when he is at home, he DOES do his own work…but activities at home changes rapidly daily…for example, he may colour for an hour, next hour he will be drawing…the next day will do activities on cutting and pasting…or even read a book…

I don’t know what to do…it frustrates me to hear and see Amir hitting his head to the wall…(not sure how our neighbours react), I know hubby is disappointed too…for example, this morning, Amir showed his tantrum…screams and hitting his head on the wall…hubby is on training and his training classes starts at 8:30 am in Bukit Bintang…when I received sms from hubby saying that Amir was not behaving in school (as his teacher was on MC, but she did not inform us) I was torn…Moreover, hubby stated that he was late AGAIN for his training…

I nearly cried reading his sms…what could I do…how many times have I came in late for work all these years…I know it’s a sacrifice you have to make…but as a person how much more would you be able to stand hearing when you tried explaining to your bosses why you are late, and you can see the smirk on their faces saying “it must be your child problem again”…

Someone told me “people will never understand your situation unless they are in your shoes” but when will these situations been felt or shared?? Allah knows everything…Ya Allah, please give me the strength to face your test…


One response to “Morning with Amir…

  1. Dilla says:

    Pls be patient. ALLAH always with us……

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