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Wonderful Sunday:171010

on 10/17/2010

Bangun pagi nie, not sure nak buat apa…plan to look at the garden but rasa cam x larat…Alhamdulillah x buat gardening as d boys woke up bright & early…so what’s our plan???
While the boys busying themselves in the bathroom, I did laundry, prepared simple breakfast (bread & butter for Amir, bread & butter for Asyraf)
When everybody got ready…I thought we should head to Carrefour…but Amir wants to switch on his computer…but…it did not turn on and he was about to show tantrum when I told him to go downstairs & have his breakfast…I took out all the wires connected to the CPU and reessemble it and walah…the computer just turn on…Yeay!!!
I told the boys to get ready and inform that our destination is Carrefour…we went to Carrefour Kota Damansara…
We went there so early that shops in Carrefour was not yet open…so there were less people and we can enjoy our shopping time…this is of course done only the 3 of us (yup, hubby’s not around, offshore!!!)
Amir wants to go to the book section, pickup 2 books…Asyraf was asking for a new headfon…I bought some groceries (maggi, cereal, biscuits, etc)
Both boys were on their best behavior, Alhamdulillah…eventhough there were times when they ran all over Carrefour and I had to call out for them (shout a bit but not in an alarming manner)…Alhamdulillah all instructions were followed such as crossing in the carpark…stop, look left & right, no cars you may cross…helped mama with the loading of the groceries in the car…settled in the car…I suddenly felt hungry…asked the boys…Amir was already eating potato chips he picked up in Carrefour…and Asyraf said he’s fine…just realize that I didn’t have my breakfast yet…oh, silly me…
Drove to TTDI to my favorite bookshop Jasema, search for stationaries for Amir (lefthand) and myself…Asyraf pickup a Toystory Magazines and Amir asked to buy Motor Trader (just like Ayah Long’s fav mag, hmmm).
As headed back, realized that we forgot to buy bread…so we stop at Savemart & Baker’s Cottage SS2, boys were doing just wonderful….
Now, it’s lunch time, I just want to test Amir whether he’s able to hop in and out of the car a lot without any tantrums…and it work only with my pda & earphone plugged in his ear…and he follows wherever I go…
Lunch we stopped by & had lunch in A&W SS2…we enjoyed cheese burger, coney dog, fried chicken, root beers & ice milo…
What a wonderful Sunday it has been for me… eventhough it was not as I had imagined but this was the best time I can get with my 2 boys…Alhamdulillah…

Amir & Asyraf @ A&WSS2

Asyraf/Amir @A&WSS2


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