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Oh my Dear Amir…

on 10/18/2010

Noticed it last nite…but I thought it was just the hot weather…
Woke Amir up this morning, I got a shock!!! Amir’s forehead was red…& he’s scratching his head…errr…what could it be…
Sent Amir to School as Amir has a school trip to Pusat Sains Negara for Special Science Day!!! He had loads of fun…though, Mama & teachers frantically searching & holding him as he walks & turns to all exhibits around him without waiting for an adult to accompany…very confident boy, eh…ya lah…mama works there, remember?? he has been in PSN as long as Mama’s been there…he knew PSN even with his eyes closed…phew!!!…Haa…another thing…my cute Amir “forced” Mama to the landscape area (which is 90% finished) – he wants to explore the playground!!! So, off we went in the hot sun to the “playground”…tested all the facilities ie: grand staircase leading to the landscape – awesome…have ramps for wheel chairs, strollers, steps are shorter height…you don’t feel like you’re climbing up the hill as you can choose to use the steps or the ramp yuhuuu (enough of the promo of PSN landscape)…with the hot sun on top of our heads, Mama, Amir & Asyraf explore the landscape area…amazingly I manage to go down to the 1st terrace with no problem (or have I worked out by chasing d boys around d house?? hehe)…Amir’s satisfied with the exploration of the landscape area…we’re heading back home…
But I was worried of his rashes on his forehead…informed Amir that before we head home we need to see a doctor…so we went to the clinik in Desa Sri Hartamas as it’s on our way home…
After Doc’s examination, she told us Amir has an allergy…I was stunned…allergy to what??? Doc says to the hot sun…Amir will not be able to go outdoor (ohhh, he loves sun…outdoor, running in the middle of the day) for maybe 2 weeks…Doc says its Dermatitis…He’s growing up!!! If we don’t control the dermatitis now, Amir will have a lot more problems ie acne, etc…Doc also advise to watch out for hair on the armpit, etc…now kids go a lot faster…Wow…that’s news for me…oh, my baby’s growing up!!!

Amir posing as the camera was at his face 18Oct2010

Amir's forehead, now not red but if he's sweating, it'll be really red...


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