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Amir & his wonders…

on 01/11/2011

School term has started. Our routine to “motivate” our children to go to school especially Amir is allowing him to watch TV. But not any channel he can watch!!! Since last year, I have introduced TVIQ by astro (http://www.astro.com.my) and the children loves it…one of their favorite show (in the morning) is The Wiggles (http://www.thewiggles.com.au)

This morning’s routine was getting ready (take bath, put on school uniform and go down to watch TVIQ while having breakfast)…As usually, hubby ON the TV and search for TVIQ (ch 552), he could not find TVIQ, he was nearly panic when Amir just blurted out “channel 601”; hubby pressed 601 on the remote and “The Wiggles” on TVIQ was on…Amir smiled and enjoyed his breakfast while being entertained by “The Wiggles”…

Hubby asked me how did Amir knew of the channel update done by astro? FYI, Amir has never browsed the astro channels via remote control…he only watched channels that we selected for him and yet he’s able to memorized all the channels on astro; hence, we have upgrade to astro Byond, and Amir is able to remember all the new channels on astro Byond.

If astro has just updated the channel (especially TVIQ) how did he knew of the change? We (the parents) weren’t aware of it…Hmmm….kind of strange…(now the X-Files soundtrack is humming in my head hehehe)…
I am proud of Amir (despite his tantrum) and love him dearly…


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